Week 3 Wrap Up

Week 3 was the highest scoring week we’ve had so far.  The average score this week was 173.04 – 25.85 points higher than last week, and 23.49 points higher than week 1 (18.14 higher than week 2 & 16.43 points higher than week 1 if you remove the highest and lowest scores from each week – Week 1 – 149.06 Week 2 – 147.35 Week 3 165.49). Team Novack had the greatest fantasy performance this week than any of us have seen before with AJ Green leading the way with 46.7 points. Well done, lad.

Week 3 Power Rankings

Above are the week 3 power rankings. Biggest movers were the Sanky Legs moving up 4 spots due to another great week and  the biggest drop was the Chodes due to the Berger injury. He made a nice comeback in the Monday night game, but came up a little short (and wide like a chode typically does).

Week 3 Standings

This week saw the Hawkeyes move to 3-0 on the year despite being the lowest scoring team in the league while Team Novack moved from lowest scoring to highest scoring this week. Stumbles from State Farm, Denerd, Simba, Kooper, and the Chodes are helping the divisions not take any shape whatsoever. The both divisions are tight races. It’ll be interesting to see how these pan out.

Check out the updated statistics right here… you wankers.Couches Elite Official Stats

Team of the Week: Team Novack (NOVA)

K good job Jay. 270 points is okay. Watch out for Everton’s defense next week, though.

Disappointment of the Week: Ermahgerd Dehnerd (DROB)

The flying Denerds had a chance to take a stranglehold in the east which would have given him a two game lead early in the season, but he couldn’t get much to go his way this week. As long as he makes the playoffs, though, he’ll consider this a solid year.

Player of the Week: Devonta Freeman (VIZ) & Steve Smith Sr. (not to be confused with Steve Smith Jr) (CHI)

Co-Player of the week honors this week go out to both of these guys. Devonta took advantage of Tevin Coleman being injured and being the primary back now. This helped Simba stay in the game for the time being but the rest of his team couldn’t help him out.

Steve Smith SR (not JR) helped the Hurricane gain some steam and get his first win of the year. Though he is really weird looking (seriously go look at his picture in ESPN), this is two weeks in a row he has been Ditka’s top player.

Disappointing Player of the Week: Tyler Eifert (DROB) & Terrance Williams (JL)

Both of these players can be blamed as part of the reason their teams lost (in fantasy, of course). Eifert had a couple chances to score, but they were negated by penalties. Terrance Williams looked like a good pickup with Dez being injured but it looks like a lot of those targets are going to the 3 backs.

Injuries: Berger (8=D~), Davante Adams (JL), Sammy Watkins (VIZ)

Watkins is listed as day-to-day which is good news. Davante Adams is listed as having a sprained ankle and listed as missing “some time”. He’ll need to be watched closely later in the week to see if he is playable.

Berger is the injury of the week. This is a tough loss for the Chodes, but there are some decent QB’s in free agency as well as sitting on some people’s bench so he may need to make a move there to counter that injury. Listed out 4-6 weeks – hopefully on the earlier side to help get him back into contention.


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