Power Rankings


The Party has Started

1. Everton Hawkeyes (1-0)

Huge week 1 for the Hawkeyes led by the best pick in the draft Carlos Hyde. Just pure brilliance behind that pick, I truly wonder what was going through the GMs head at that point. Beyond the headliner, this team is very deep at the WR position. Probably the 3rd best receiver in the league was the 4th best for Everton in week 1. The ageless Fitz continues to impress. Add him to the young star Cooper and a breakout candidate in Snead, and you have a fully loaded WR corp. Eli mixed with a returning Romo makes a very formidable QB duo. Round out the squad with fan favorite Mcmanus and you have the top week 1 team.

2. Emhagerd Denhred (1-0)

Life after Julio started off with a bang for DROB. With the emergence of CJ and two great options with whoever is running the ball for Pitt, Denherd has top notch running backs. Add in a possible breakout year with Ameer, this squad should be set at RB. QB also gives this team a lot to be excited about. Rogers is always a stud and Mariota gives a big boom or average type player. WR is the one spot to be concerned with. But with Mattews looking to have a big year with Wentz, Romo coming back for Dez, and Josh gordon not having to rely on RG3, WR has a very high ceiling.

3.   DeMarco Depolo (1-0)

Polo was led by 2 QBS looking to have huge bounce back years. Luckily Luck looked like old Luck and Stafford was super efficient without Calvin. Marco has some sneaky good WRs with Cooks and Watkins and a top 3 TE in Olsen. Murray looks to have fallen too far in the draft, but Gurleys performance was not #1 RB like. The fear that the Rams are terrible and teams will do everything to stop Gurley is real, but Gurley is too good to be held down for long.

4. Justin Tucker (1-0)

Just like the Patriots, JT was able to come out with a huge win without Brady and Gronk. Super impressive for a team just looking to survive without Brady. One of the few teams whos #1 performed, AJ gave Tuck a huge boost. Add him with Edelman and Landry and you have a top notch 3 WR set. Super old running backs Forte and Gore are still kicking it and putting up points. Their health is the key to this team. Brees knees offense looks very impressive and should continue to put up big numbers. Torrey Smith on the other hand is not good.

5. Jake From State Farm (0-1)

JFSF is the best of the losing teams. Brown showed his dominance is going to continue and the number 1 overall was very justified.  Carr and Wilson give the farm some solid QBs in the barn. Benjamin is the States pick for breakout of the year. The RBs are still a concern, but Jake looks to be beefing it up through the waiver wire, I mean trading TEs. Speaking of TEs, the task of picking the right one will continue to be a mental hurdle for this team.

6. Grand Rapids Chodes (0-1)

GRC had a very respectable week 1, unfortunately they ran into a very small kicker. The Chodes are one of the more well rounded teams with no clear holes but also no superstars. Big Ben is going to lead a super offense and Matt Ryan will be great as long as he keeps throwing to Julio. Elliot showed good signs, but is not yet living up to the round 1 pick. Nelson and Hilton are looking to get back to #1 form, if they do the Chodes could be in for a big year. Fuller is a player the Rapids have to be excited about.

7. Hurricane Ditka (1-0)

Ditka probably gives 0 shits where they are on this list as they are just happy to pull out an gut wrenching win over the skunks. It could go down as a season defining win. Hurricane got it done with the help of probably the most exciting RB to watch David Johnson. He will need to be the catalyst as Charles does not look to be giving a great ROI on the 2nd round pick. Rivers and Dalton give HD a underrated QB duo. The WR is not as strong as other teams at this point, but that could change as Sterling and Sharpe continue to develop.

8. Return of Simba (1-0)

Simba was led by one of the great lions week 1, Theo Riddick. Riddick is looking to have a big year in the new lions offense. A couple more underrated players, Diggs and Maclin, helped RoS get a big week 1 win. Freeman and Marshall should bounce back from sub par weeks but the QB position is a little more concerning. Reed at TE will give Simba a calming presence all year long. This squad is also 1-1 in picking great defenses.

9. Grand Rapids Skunk Tittes (0-1)

The Skunks got a huge Titty twister in week 1. There is still a lot to like on this team though. Cam put a great numbers on the best defense in the league. Spencer Ware can take over the Cheifs job. Danny Woodhead will have an increased role with Keenan. Decker, Jeffery, and Sanders give the Tits a good not great triplet of WRs. #1 Pick AP needs to bounce back from the horrid week 1 for the Skunks to do anything moving forward though. GRST will need to keep out a better eye on defensive matchups going forward.

10. CMS Box Muncher (0-1)

Not an ideal start for the Push Kids of Bikes crew, but not too concerning either. -4 from a defense will never help. Julio was kept to a very modest 16 points but Mike Evans and Doug Baldwin looked like they will have big years. Lacy Hill and Matthews give decent starting RBs that will always get touches. The fact of constantly having the best kicker has to be great feeling for the Sandwich Eaters. The loss of RG3 could possibly be an addition by subtraction for CMS

11. Steven Glansburg Squad (0-1)

This team is….average. But average is better than worst. And worst equals ACT. And ACT equals… well we will let Stevie boy tell you for himself. John brown was held down to nothing. Very surprising and hopefully not a sign of things to come. Doug, Yeldon, and Ralws provide a solid set of horses in the RB position. QBs are pretty simple Palmer page 1 and Bortles page 2. Too early to throw in the towel, this team is just not that super bad. Also that Deandre Hopkanz guy is pretty good too.

12. The Dogs (0-1)

Nothing short of a super inspiring Jameis Winston speech is gonna save this litter of adorable puppies. Speaking of Jameis, he is the only one that showed up to play week 1 for the Dogs. Miller did his normal Miller things but could not find the end zone. Robinson could not make any Michigan Tatoo esque catches against the Packers. I am tired about writing about this team. Here is the GMs summary of his team:

Giovanni – Sucks

Cobb – Sucks

Lockett – Sucks

Clay – Sucks

Jennings – Sucks