Week 5 Game of the Week


Undefeated No More

In a league where most of the teams are garbage and only 3 of the 12 teams are above .500 (Yes, Seriously), a Week 5 matchup of undefeated teams is a welcome surprise. I thought about making the Jacob vs. Kanz matchup the game of the week, but I think you could not watch all of Sunday, and still not miss many fantasy points in that one. Hurricane Ditka vs. Return of Simba is the best matchup of the season thus far. Both teams are similar in that they have won quite a few close games. Carston has lead his team to 3 victories in which his team was a very average 6th or 7th highest scoring team in the league (Also, #1 in week 2). Visbara has had his team skating by in a similar fashion including winning a game in week 1 where he was the 8th highest scoring team. But as a certain GM once told me “The only team that counts is the one i’m going against this week”, look for a great matchup between these two well coached teams in Week 5.

Key Matchup: It has got to be the tight ends. Jordan Reed finally broke out of his shell in Week 4, catching 2 touchdowns from Redskins QB Captain Kirk and adding 9 receptions for 73 yards, giving ROS a much needed 28.3 fantasy points and moving Reed into his rightful spot as the #2 TE in Fantasy. This week, Reed plays a stout Ravens defense where the game is almost positively going to end in a weird 18-10 score. The Ravens have only given up 5.2 FPPG to opposing Tight Ends, so it could be tough sledding for Reed and Visbara. Hurricane Ditka brings Kyle Rudolph to the battle (who just had twins on Tuesday night, congrats to him on the sex). Rudolph has been a pleasant surprise this season as he has become a favorite target of QB Sam Bradford. He is averaging 14.8 FPPG this season and has done it in consistent fashion. WIth Rudolph playing the Texans, who have been equally as stout against opposing Tight ends as the Ravens ( Both teams have only given up 5.2 FPPG to opposing Tight Ends), it could be tough sledding for both star tight ends. Whichever one can overcome the difficult matchup, should give their fantasy teams a big edge in the matchup.

Carston should worry if: David Johnson does not start out the week on Thursday night with a good performance. Ditka has been carried a bit by their superstar running back who is averaging just over 20 fantasy points per game. With a matchup against a depleted 49ers defense, and with no Carson Palmer playing for the Cardinals, if Johnson doesn’t get off to a hot start, it would be seen as a big disappointment.

Mike should worry if: The perceived best defenses in the league are legit for another week. With Mike having matchups against the Vikings, Broncos, Eagles and Texans, it would be bad news for Simba if these defenses continued their trend of being fantasy killers throughout the first quarter of the season. Hell, even Matt Prater is going against the Philadelphia special teams unit who have been the NFL’s 2nd best against opposing kickers.

Carston will grin to a point of awkwardness if: The Texans and Vikings end in a 0-0 tie. With Will Fuller and Stefon Diggs dueling it out in Minneapolis, and the Hurricanes having minimal stake in the matchup, it would be ideal if there was as little scoring as possible

Mike will grin to a point of awkwardness if: Carston’s experiment of Deandre Washington turns out to be a complete failure. With Latavius Murray expected to miss this game against the Chargers, Ditka is taking a shot by playing the Raiders primary backup without any real knowledge of if he can play. And with the league’s #6 RB Isaiah Crowell sitting on Carston’s bench, it is a bold play to say the least.

The part where I predict whatever the Projection says: Mike wins 155-146

Everton Hawkeyes, Hurricane Ditka

Matchup Preview: Hurricane Ditka (CHI) vs. Everton Hawkeyes (EVNT) – Week 2

troy bolton10399352_20050362686_3738_n

This is the biggest rivalry of week 2. After 18 years of friendship, it could all come crashing down if Dokk’s superstars on the mighty purple overcome Carston’s squad in a tight matchup. Celebrities are even talking about this matchup. East High Wildcat superstar Troy Bolton says “I hope Carston wins, based on his look, I like his Steez”. But New York baller Barney Stinson chimed in as well, adding “Dokk is bringing the party, and parties supply woo girls, so I think he will take this matchup. Woo.” With the country seemingly split on these friends and rivals, it should be a show no matter how it turns out.

QBs: It’s all about matchups to determine who has the advantage in the Quarterback scenario. Dokk is bringing out Matt Ryan who is going against the Giants secondary that allowed Tony Romo to throw for 3 Touchdowns and 356 yards last week, albeit a lot of that was in the two minute drill late in the game. Ryan should find success again this week, especially when targetting his superstar receiver Julio Jones. He also has Teddy Bridgewater who although he struggled last week in San francisco, will have his chances against a Lions secondary that made Philip Rivers look like god last week. Hurricane Ditka also has some favorable matchups this week as Romo should be able to continue his hot start of the season with a matchup with the Eagles who Ryan killed with ease last week. And the well traveled, largely hated, always inconsistent Eli Manning will go up against the Atlanta secondary who came back down to earth in the second half of Monday night football last week after a great start against the high flying Philly defense. I’ve gone back and forth on who has the advantage, and I just cannot decide. Push.

RBs: Last week, Chris Ivory showed that he is a legitimate fantasy starter this year for the Jets, running for 91 yards and 2 TD’s on the way to 23 points. His success should continue against a Colts defense who has struggled against the run in the recent past. Jonathan Stewart was Carston’s other starter last week, but with a porous offense around him, couldn’t find his way even while being the sole running back in Carolina. He will not be starting this week as Atlanta Rookie Tevin Coleman gets the nod against the Giants. Melvin Gordon and Danny Woodhead combined for 129 total yards and 2 touchdowns against the Lions defense last week. Detroit now plays Adrian Peterson, who should have a huge week because, well, he is much better than the San Diego duo. Add in that Everton has Justin Forsett who should get a lot of carries in the beloved Garbage Time against the raiders to put up a good score and the Everton Hawkeyes have the advantage.

WRs: Here is a stat for you. In the last 8 regular season games, the Carolina Panthers Defense has not allowed the leading pass catcher on the opposing team to achieve more than 60 yards once in those 8 games. The list of guys they have shut down: Jimmy Graham, Jeremy Maclin, Julio Jones (twice), Mike Evans, Charles Johnson, and Josh Gordon. Things don’t look great for DeAndre Hopkins this week. But with Carston’s other receivers being Brandin Cooks going against the lowly Buccaneers, and Amari Cooper with the pass happy raiders offense back, the group as a whole should have a fine week. Dokk on the other hand has dealt with the injury bug. His receivers this week are Julian Edelman vs. the Bills defense that has been pretty stout, Marques Colston who may be the third receiver on that team, and Donte Moncrief who is subbing in for the injured TY Hilton. They will be better than the seem at first look, but not enough to overcome Carston’s guys. Advantage Ditka.

TE: Heath Miller (EVTN) or Jordan Cameron (CHI)? Does it really matter? Both guys have TD potential, or bust potential. Add in the fact that I still don’t know the difference between Jordan Cameron and Cameron Jordan and I don’t really have much to write about. Let’s give it another Push. Sidebar, Miller is that guy that every team should have. You know, that guy who whenever he does something the whole crowd yells out “Heeeeeeeeath”. Yeah, that’s awesome.

Flex: Here is where I believe there could be a separating factor between the two teams, it’s just not clear which way yet as both selections are high reward, high risk guys. Ditka is playing Steve Smith who although is old, and didn’t perform last week, has a favorable matchup with the raiders this week. How favorable you ask? The bad news is their starting safeties and best secondary players are Nate Allen and Charles Woodson, and as painful as it is for me to say it, neither are that good anymore. The worse news? Both of them are hurt. That means a clear passing scenario for the Ravens, meaning their leading receiver Smith, should get plenty of action. Dokk is using Lance Dunbar, the running back for the Cowboys who is used predominately in the pass game. With Dez Bryant out, he could get a lot of action. Overall, I go with the known commodity, Advantage Ditka.

Overall, I think this is another good matchup, but the injuries are just too much to overcome for The Everton Hawkeyes. Ditka wins this one 139.0- 122.4