Do the Sanky Leg, Kooper's Klux Klan

Matchup Preview: Kooper’s Klux Klan (KKK) vs. Do Da Sanky Leg (REAR) – Week 2

Brett Kid Bs BathroomIf there is a matchup anywhere in the country with two teams with more outdated team names, I would love to see it. Kooper’s Klux Klan continued his playoff run of last season with an opening day win against the Grand Rapids Chodes on a last second play by Carlos Hyde. There may be an impending petition to boycott the win because of the Klan’s owners public dislike of Hyde. When asked about it B’s responded by saying “I’ve always liked Hyde, ever since he had that huge game against the Vikings last week, I’m an OG fan”. Do Da Sankey Leg struggled last week after having a promising team heading into the season. He was defeated by the Everton Hawkeyes, who had struggles of their own but were thankful for the egg that Brett’s team laid. Both teams are looking for better overall performances from their teams this week.

QBs: Brett got off to a hot start in Thursday’s game with Peyton Manning scoring 20.2 points while overcoming his second straight game with a Pick 6 and somehow managing to throw 3 TD passes even though his arm looks like it is going to fall off with every duck he tosses out there. This is a big upswing from his mediocre outing last weekend against the Ravens D and should help Brett’s confidence in continuing to use the Hall of Famer. Brett’s other QB is Cam Newton who is one of the most talented players in the NFL, but behind that brutal offense line and only having the Olsen, Funchess, and the stock boy from the local grocery store to throw to, he should have a rough season. Add in that he is playing the Texans, it doesn’t make it look any better. KKK tried the Jameis Winston experiment last week and the rookie had a rough enough outing that he lost his roster spot on B’s team , hopefully he can still afford to buy his beloved crab legs. The Klan now has Alex Smith who had a whopping 5.1 points in the Thursday night game and Matt Stafford who has shown inconsistency over the last few years and should continue against the average Minnesota Defense. Advantage Sanky Leg.

RBs: After over a week of adamantly trying to trade Carlos Hyde, B’s ended up having to keep him and ended up having an okay game for him… 182 combined yards and 2 TD’s, leading to a RB high in points of 34.2. Combine that with first round draft pick Jamaal Charles, who even though he lost the chiefs the game on Thursday night, already gave B’s a quick 20.7 points to start the week off right. His running backs are near the top if not the best in the league. The mighty Sanky’s starting running backs are more shaky. Rashad Jennings is in a running back by committee in New York, and although Marshawn Lynch was a top pick, had a fairly good game last week (17.4 points) against the Rams, and has a favorable matchup with Green Bay this week, he isn’t enough to outscore Hyde and Charles. Advantage Kooper’s Klan.

WRs: This is a pretty even matchup at initial look. Both teams have a big name guy who could have big games any given week with Brett’s OBJ and B’s Calvin Johnson. Give the edge to Beckham here because of the friendly matchup with the Atlanta secondary which struggled to stop anyone last year. On the second tier, Alshon Jeffrey is the better name, but with question marks about a leg injury lingering, he is not as safe of a play as one might have orginially thought. B’s has Andre Johnson who is the greatest receiver of all time. The aspect that I think gives Sanky leg the advantage in this category is the third spot, where Brandon Marshall against the Colts should be a much better point scorer than Nelson Aguilera (had 1.5 points last week) will be against Dallas.

TE: Greg Olsen should have a ton of targets in this offense since Cam Newton has no one else to throw to, but because the Offensive Line is so bad, Olsen has to stay in and block more than he ever has before. Last week against the Jaguars, Olsen only went out for passes 45% of the time, his lowest percentage in years. The end result? He only caught 1 ball for 11 yards and had only 3 targets on the game which was ranked 26th in targets amongst TE’s. B’s has Jason Witten who seems to be going in the exact opposite direction as Olsen, he caught two touchdowns last week and seems to be the go to target for Romo with Dez Bryant out. Add in the fact that they are playing a sub par Eagles defense this week and it is a clear Advantage KKK on this one.

Flex Option: Brett has limited options in his flex spot due to injuries, but it should be down to Larry Fitzgerald or Bishop Sankey. Larry is now a washed up receiver who should easily be the 3rd or 4th option in the passing game for Arizona, and even though he did have 14.7 points last week, I’m guessing it’s an outlier. Sanky on the other hand had a great week last week accounting for 22.6 points including a touchdown. Brett should decide to go with his namesake on this one. B’s has an interesting decision looming with Ameer Abdullah being a big play threat but possibly having limited chances in a running back by committee, or Mike Evans, the stud receiver who should always be in the lineup if he’s playing in the game. Either way, his options are probably better than Soulja Boy. Advantage Kooper’s Klan.

Overall, I think Brett’s team could struggle with difficult matchups at some spots, but the advantage after Thursday night and a dominating performance by OBJ propel him to a close win.

152.2 – 145.9