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Week 6 Game of the Week


Childhood Rivals

Obviously, a matchup between 5-0 Visbara and red-hot Andy should be match of the week, but with both having been involved in this column in recent weeks and the Mike vs. Brett matchup looming in week 7, I chose to pull a Monday Night Football and schedule the second best game for matchup of the week. This one should be no slouch though as two childhood rivals face off in their first ever fantasy football matchup. Jake from State Farm is rolling with dominating wins of Lopatin and Kanz in back to back weeks, and if you ask GM Jordan Kamphuis about CMS BoxMuncher (I still can’t believe that is an actual team name), you would think they are undefeated. In actuality, both teams are 2-3, but are tied for first in their division (sigh…).

Key Matchup: What more could you want in a matchup than the #1 overall pick and #1 WR Antonio Brown going against the #2 overall pick and #8 WR in Julio Jones. Pre-draft, GM Jacob Lee was debating between the two superstar receivers, if he had gone the other direction and chosen Jones, there would be an awkward moment for Kamp with his Julio jersey (maybe you’ve heard about it). If either of these receivers can explode for 35+ points which they are certainly capable of, that could go along way towards winning the very important matchup.

Jacob should worry if: Running back LeGarette Blount falls back into his typical slump when Tom Brady plays. In the 4 games that Brady was suspended for to start the season, Blount averaged 88 yards a game and had 4 touchdowns, and proved to be a viable asset for JFSF. But in past years, Blount’s performance has been dicey at best when Brady has been in the lineup due to their “run through the air” philosophy. In the 12 games Blount played in 2015 with Brady, only 2 of those weeks did he eclipse that 88 yards mark, and only scored in 4 of the 12 games. For Jake’s sake, he hopes Blount has turned over a new leaf in 2016.

Kamp should worry if: His running-backs are a no show in week 6. Eddie Lacy is hurt, and has only gotten over 10 fantasy points once this season. Terrance West has played well since taking over as the workhorse back in Baltimore, but many believe the rookie Kenneth Dixon is poised to take some of the work in the near future. And Ryan Matthews has performed well, but is in a time share with 3 other backs in Philadelphia, so who knows how much work he will get. This running back core will make or break CMS Boxmuncher’s week against Jake from State Farm.

Jacob will grin to a point of awkwardness if: The New Orleans defense continues to be historically awful. With stud Receiver Kelvin Benjamin going against the Saints this week, there is potential for a career game which would be so instrumental for GM Lee. New Orleans has given up an average of 18.7 points to an opposing wide receiver this season, and with Benjamin being the only receiver in town for Carolina, this is a perfect storm for another breakout game.

Kamp will grin to a point of awkwardness if: The game in Seattle between the Seahawks and the Hawks ( Kamp refuses to learn that Atlanta is actually the Falcons even though he has a jersey of theirs) turns out to be a shootout. With the star receiver for both teams on CMS Box Muncher, a shootout would be ideal for Kamp as it would create the potential for great games for both Julio Jones and Doug Baldwin.

The part where I predict exactly what the Projection says: Jake wins 153-141.

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Team Preview: Kash


The second newcomer in the league is none other than fan favorite Jordan Kamphuis. The first time GM enters into fantasy football with very little knowledge, but a willingness to learn. We caught up with Kamphuis to ask him about his team’s (CMS Box muncher) mentality towards starting season number one under the new regime. “It’s going to be hot sauce babaaay, we are going to be fire on the field and put asian babies in the seats”. He followed this up with an odd rendition of Maggie Mae, and did a little dance to show his excitement for the season. It is a pressure filled spot to be one of the two new members in the Couches Elite league due to a new member winning the championship in every year since it’s inception. The way he responds to this pressure is simple, “Pressure? We are going to be as cold as the better side of the pillow case”. So close.


QBs: D+


Yikes, Kamphuis is putting all of his eggs in two very different but equally as risky baskets. Robert Griffin III is starting his career resurgence in Cleveland this year and few believe he will be able to get back to his rookie season form. Griffin was the #33 QB in 2014 after playing in 9 games before getting benched for Kirk Cousins, and he didn’t see the field in 2015. Add in the fact that Cleveland does not have much luck with QB’s, and the odds are certainly against Griffin to have a successful comeback season at the helm. If there is a silver lining, it is that Hugh Jackson is the new Browns coach, and he is known as a QB whisperer of sorts. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a career long journeyman who found his most success last year in a Jets uniform. He achieved the 11th best season amongst Quarterbacks a year ago. Can this performance be repeated, or will he revert back to what he has been for the bulk of his career?


RBs: C+


Eddie Lacy and Jeremy Hill had very similar seasons in 2015. Both were high draft picks in the fantasy football world, and were expected to help lead their teams to championships, and, well, they didn’t. Lacy came in overweight and Hill found himself in the dreaded Running back by committee. They finished the season as running backs 32 and 20 respectively. They both have performed well in the preason though, so maybe they will get back to their pre-2015 selves.


WRs: B+


Julio, Julio, Julio baby. The man is a machine and Julio Jones had one of the best seasons in NFL history last year, only to be overshadowed by Antonio Brown. Jones had the same amount of catches, and more yards than Brown. The only thing that held him back was his low touchdown numbers because Matt Ryan prefers to throw the ball to the other team in the redzone. Since touchdowns can be fluky, I see no reason that Julio cannot be the #1 overall player in 2016. Speaking of fluky touchdown numbers, Mike Evans only had 3 Touchdowns last year despite being in the top 20 in both targets and Redzone targets. If he can maintain his otherwise solid receiving stats, and the touchdowns can jump up to league average, he is a viable WR1 candidate, and if he is not getting the touchdowns, maybe Kamphuis’ other Tampa Bay receiver Vincent Jackson will. Add in Doug Baldwin who had a historic end to the season (12 touchdowns in his last 8 games) and CMS Box muncher may have a top 3 receiving core in the league.


TE: B+
Colby Fleener is the new Saints tight end. Some may say that doesn’t mean much, but I disagree. The Saints Tight End has finished in the top 6 in the league every year since 2010. Jimmy Graham was a big part of that, but Benjamin Watson finished 6th just last year, and we all saw how Graham underperformed in Seattle before going down to injury. Look for Fleener to have a breakout year. If he can’t do it, CMS has Ladarius Green, who should be effective for Pittsburgh once he returns from injury.