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Waiver Wire Roundup


This week was a big week on the waiver wire due to injuries to key players across the league. Add in the fact that there has been very little tight end production, and almost every team needed some help on the back end of their rosters. That is of course excluding Jay who’s team is so bad that he didn’t need any help. I am starting to think he is losing on purpose so he can show how smart he is on the ACT.

Quarterbacks: The first move was Kamp making the smart move of dropping the injured Jimmy Garoppolo for Ravens QB Joe Flacco. The only other QB transaction this week was Kamp proceeding to drop Flacco for Alex Smith. What a wild card that GM is.

Runningbacks: This was a disaster week for starting running backs throughout the league. Prominent backs like Adrian Peterson, Jonathan Stewart, Doug Martin and of course Danny Woodhead were hurt and are all expected to miss quite some time. Andy proceeded to take the first running back off the board with the now backup in Carolina with Fozzy Whitaker. With only Kenyan Drake, Matt Asiata and Dwayne Washington coming off of the board, many teams are going to need to find other alternatives to their running back problems.

Wide Receivers: Carston snagged Cole Beasley, and then dropped Beasley, who then was picked up by Bs who dropped Nelson Agholor (Christinia Aguilera) after he had picked Agholor up about 16 hours earlier. That is where we are in the league right now gentlemen. In other news, Kanz traded slot guys, picking up Jamison Crowder and dropping Eli Rogers.

Tight End: A lot of moves took place in the Tight End department during week 3. Kanz and Lopatin snagged the top options for the week by nabbing Falcons Tight End Jacob Tamme and the resurgent No-hippa Pitta. Carston took the third option in Steeler Outlaw Jesse James, and Visbara gave up on the Jimmy Graham project, if any one was interested in a guy with no knees.