2016 Summer News

Couches Elite to Welcome Two New Teams for Upcoming Season


New owner’s Jordan Kamphuis and Mike Lopatin pose for a picture at media day on Thursday, July 14.

After months of speculation, news has been pouring in today that the Couches Elite Fantasy Football League (CEFFL) has confirmed the addition of two new teams to the league for the upcoming season. Wall Street trader Jordan Kamphuis  and Boston Real Estate mogul Mike Lopatin verbally accepted invitations to join the league after months of negotiation.

24 year old Kamphuis said, “I’m excited to be part of such a prestigious league and ready to get to work and be competitive from day 1. I have a lot to learn, but I know come regular season, my boys will have the wet sauce.”

Lopatin also shared his excitement. “It just seemed like the right move. I know a lot of the other owners already, so I don’t think the transition will be too difficult. We have 6 weeks to prepare, so we’ll be in good shape come draft day. It’s such a great league with a rich history and intense rivalry’s, so I’m excited to show our fans what our team can do from day 1.”

The final number of teams hasn’t been officially updated since the league is still waiting to hear details from a couple of owners to see if they are renewing their contracts with the league for the upcoming campaign. We look forward to summer meetings to hear the proposed rule changes and votes from each owner. Summer meetings will take place in a few short weeks.