Power Rankings

Week 2 Power Rankings

Over reactions?

Week 1 is over and provided a lot of reactions? Did week 2 show us they were the right reactions or overreactions?

1. DeMarco DePolo

Week 1 Reaction – Gurley may not be 1st round material.

Overreaction? No.

2 games in a row Gurley has struggled. With LA being so bad its hard to see it turn around.
On the bright side demarco murray has looked like a number 1 back again and Polo is sitting at 2-0 after beating the previous number 1 squad.

2. Justin Tucker

Week 1 Reaction – O shit bs may actually have a good team that doesn’t have to sneak into the playoffs

Overreactoin? Suprisingly no.

This is actually a solid team even without brady or gronk. Forte may be the steal of the draft. The WRs are very good. And tevin coleman is looking like a break star.

3. Everton Hawkeyes

Week 1 Reaction – Odell is the 4th best reciever on this team

Overreaction? Yes, but possibly maybe not? What?!?!?

Odell is a star but, snead cooper and fitz are all looking to but up huge numbers. This team is scary good if odell is even in the conversation as 4th best receiver. Also if coleman didnt get hurt the WR dept would be unreal on this squad. Still a lot to like elsewhere but the WR are going to cary this team.

4. Hurricane Ditka

Week 1 Reaction – The rookie WRs need to step up big for this team to have a chance

Overreaction? Probably a little bit but not really

Still a solid squad withouth shepard and sharpe. DJ is looking like the star we thought he would be. DT and Marvin had decent week 2s. But shepard and sharpe fully breaking out would but this team on another level.

5. Ermahgerd Dehnrerd

Week 1 Reaction – This team will be even better with Bell and Gordon

Overrreaction? Yes

Bell is great, but deangelo is the number 1 RB through 2 weeks. Gordon is also great but has not played football in two years and has a Browns QB throwing the ball.
The real key to the squad is cjs continued greatness and Dez turning the corner. O and more than 4 combined points from kicker and defense.

6. Return of Simba

Week 1 Reaction – Freeman will soon get back to last years form

Overreacction? Yes

Freeman is now splitting carries with coleman. It will be very hard for him to come close to last years performance.  The GM did make a nice trade picking up some depth and potential at the WR position with hilton and fuller. Also bradford starting might be the best thing that happend for this team as diggs saved last weeks game.

7. Jake from state farm

Week 1 Reaction – This team will struggle with no RBs

Overreation? No.

Blount did have a nice game but still cannot be counted on. Ingram is not producing at the rate he was last year. Fourtunetly for the farm Benjamin looks like a star and the TEs are actaully good.

8. Grand Rapids Chodes

Week 1 Reaction – Solid team with no stars

Overreaction? No

Chodes just traded away there best chance at a star in fuller. But they did get good value picking up Gordon who is no longer handcuffed by Woodhead. With such a solid squad the consistent wins should not be too far away.

9. Grand Rapids Skunk Titties

Week 1 Reaction – Week 1 was the worst loss this team will have. That won’t happen again.

Overreaction? O you better believe it. This team is going to lose every game in heartbreak fashion

Welcome to fantasy football. Your team is cursed.
10. CMSBox Muncher

Week 1 Reaction – QBs are a major problem for this team

Overreaction? Yes

The muncher gm found 2 gems in shotgun jets QB and that patriots backup. The WRs are good enough to turn around CMS’s early scoring issues but the runny backs are scary.

11. Steven Glansburg Squad

Week 1 Reaction – This team will not take the ACT again

Overreaction? No. Only because the team next up

Yes SGS got the win over a rival but at what cost. Down goes doug. Gates is questionable and rawls does not look like a start worthy back. Outside of page 1 palmer and hopkanz there is not much to like here.

12. The Dogs

Week 1 Reaction – This team sucks

Overreaction? Definetly Not

Cobb – Sucks

Tate Sucks

Duke – Sucks

Allen – Sucks

Gioviani – Good???? O but on the bench


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