Grand Rapids Chodes, Team Previews

Team Preview: A. Dokk


How would you feel if you had the worst scoring team throughout a fantasy football season, and you were playing in a matchup that the loser was headed to take the ACT? You would be a 28 year old adult with a full time job, taking a college prep exam with a bunch of 17 year olds. That feeling was felt by general manager Andy Van Dokkumburg of the Grand Rapids Chodes in 2015. Thankfully, the Chodes were able to pull out a victory in that final week to avoid the inaugural ACT. This year, there are loftier goals than simply missing the ACT. The Chodes are hoping to make a run at the championship. The only question that remains, is that if he wins, does he spend the money at Mulligans all in one night, or does he spread it throughout the week?


QBs: C


The idea that Ben Roethlisberger is a fallacy to some extent because he has one or two huge games a year (35.9 points in week 13 and 32.7 points in week 2). But in reality, he has been a top 5 QB only once in his career (2007) and only a top 10 QB 2 other times since he entered the league in 2003. I wouldn’t expect that to change without the Steelers second best receiver Martavis Bryant who is suspended for all of 2016. Matt Ryan is in the same boat but to a worse extent. Atlanta Offensive Coordinator Kyle Shanahan is known for not being able to produce great fantasy QB’s and that didn’t change last year when Matt Ryan finished 20th amongst quarterbacks.


RBs: B


Andy is the bold general manager who took Ezekial Elliott in the first round, and I think it was an excellent pick. Experts believe that Elliott is the most sure fire running back to come into the league in quite some time, and he will be running behind an offensive line that helped Darren Mcfadden to a 2015 season as a RB1. Add in Jonathan Stewart who is the most steady running back in the NFL and had 20 or more carries in 8 straight games last season, and you have a solid duo. Once Dion Lewis comes back from injury, the Chodes will have a formidable group of running backs.


WRs: C


Eh. There is not a ton of excitement in VanDokkumburg’s group of receivers, but they have potential for a solid season as a ceiling. Jordy Nelson is coming back after missing the entire 2015 season with a torn ACL. TY Hilton was having another solid season before Andrew Luck went down with an injury himself, and Hilton wasn’t able to continue his successful season with old man Hasselback behind the center. Both should have good comebacks, but will it be enough. Michael Crabtree had one of the most underrated seasons of 2015 while his superstar counterpart Amari Cooper got all of the glory. In reality, Cooper was the #21 receiver in fantasy, while Crabtree was #17. I expect those roles to reverse, but no one should overlook Crabtree. One of the rookies floating under the radar is Will Fuller, he mostly runs fly routes, but if him and osweiler can create a connection, watch out. I do not expect much from Mohamed Sanu or Kenny Britt who I honestly didn’t know was still in the league.


TE: A-
This is the breakout year for Travis Kelce. The Kansas City Chiefs want him to be the man, and for a team that refuses to use their wide receivers, him and Jeremy Maclin should be #1 and #1a for the Chiefs offense. Add in Zach Ertz who quietly had the #9 ranked season amongst tight ends in 2015 while he was a free agent. He also was over 20 points in each of his last three weeks. Andy should have his choice based on matchups to have a top end tight end on a week-to-week basis.


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