Ermahgerd Dehrnerd, Team Previews

Team Preview: Kyle


Ehrmagherd Dehrnerd (I don’t think I have ever spelled this the same way twice) probably thinks they should have won the league last year, as they always do. But after a playoff loss, ED is still looking for the ever elusive championship. In 2016, Kyle Novack will rely on the suspended players to bring him to glory. When asked about his team after the draft, Kyle said “I have the best team, and it helps that i’m playing against 11 bitches who know nothing about fantasy football” in a completely factual and entirely not made up answer.


QBs: A-


People want to look at Aaron Rodger’s season in 2015 and assume that he is on the decline. He did finish 12th amongst quarterbacks. That was without his star receiver, and with the most inept running game that the Packers have seen in quite some time. Even though he had a poor season, no one should expect that trend to continue. In the 7 seasons that Rodgers has played at least 15 games since 2008, last season is the only season where he was outside of the top 2 in Quarterback fantasy points. Don’t over think it. A lot of people think Dehrnerd’s other quarterback is poised for a breakout season. Marcus Mariota had an up and down season in his rookie year with Tennessee. He has the big play ability and should improve as many second year quarterbacks do, but that is not without question marks. Mariota is in a predominately running offense who would like to utilize the legs of DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry over the arm of Mariota. Mariota has some running ability himself, which helps his fantasy value, but he is not injury-averse. He missed 4 games last year, and could miss more if they ask him to run more often in 2016.


RBs: B


If Le’Veon Bell did not have to face a 3 game suspension to start the year, Novack’s running back corp would be one of the best in the CE league. It helps, that he has DeAngelo Williams to fill in during those weeks, but at age 33, Williams’ production could drop off at any moment. C.J. Anderson did not live up to expectations in 2015, but showed moments of greatness. With Ronnie Hillman now out of the picture, and Trevor Simeon running the offense, Kyle should expect a heavy workload out of his #2 Running back.  


WRs: C-


When you spend a high draft pick on a quarterback, you need to make sacrifices elsewhere. ED did that with Wide Receiver depth. He does not have a receiver on his roster without question marks. His stud is Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant, who had a very poor year in 2015, a lot due to injury. The big question marks when it comes to Bryant is how well he has recovered from his foot injury, and if he can play without Tony Romo, who will be out until mid-season. The silver-lining is that when Bryant played in 2015, he was still targeted 8.1 times a game. Jordan Matthews is playing in a bad Philadelphia offense with a rookie quarterback who hasn’t even played against Division 1 opponents, let alone NFL defenses. Steve Smith Sr. is 37 years old and coming off of a torn achilles. And Josh Gordon, the wild card of the league is suspended for the first 4 games and has only played in 5 regular season games since 2013. Kyle is hoping for the best with this group, but may have to rely on Terrelle Pryor and Ted Ginn Jr. and their ability to only run streaks if he is going to find top level production from this group.


TE: C+
Eric Ebron should gain more usage around the end zone with Calvin Johnson retired, but for the most part, he is simply one of the many guys in that second tier of Tight End. Add in an injury that has caused him to miss most of training camp, and Ebron should be considered a below average tight end with upside.


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