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Week 6 Wrap Up

Week 6 was highlighted by a stat correction victory by a Klan’s krew who looked like they had no shot going into the week. We were all excited looking at the scores thinking we were going to have our first tie of the year, but points being taken away from McManus handed the Klan their 3rd win of the year keeping them just 1 game back in the West. Elsewhere around the league, we saw Simba finally crack the Hawkeye defense and put up an impressive 211.1 points. Also, The Legs had a nice bounce back week, and we saw the Hurricanes finally storm their way to a comfortable victory. Harbaugh fought out a win over the Chodes in a battle where Jordan Matthews struggled on Monday night keeping that one close until the 4th quarter.

Important notes:

  1. Take a look at these stats here. This gives a few different looks at the numbers and power rankings. Stats
  2. Please vote for the week 7 winners. I get lonely being the only one to vote on the match ups in the quick box score or preview 😦

Week 6 Standings

East: Simba and Harbaugh are tied at first with the Turkeys gobbling not far behind. A storm is brewing in 4th place, though. State Farm is in a tough spot right now.

West: Everton finds themselves in an unusual spot in 1st place. Team noname, The Legs, and the Klan are all creepin right beind them at just 1 game back. The Chodes are in last, but a win this week gets him right back in the mix.

Week 6 Power Rankings

Power Rankings: Good job with the rankings, Mr. Commissioner.


Below is a look at the highlights and lowlights from the week. I’m not going to say much about McManus being the difference in their game with the Klan, but…..

Team of the Week: Kooper’s Klux Klan (KKK)

I wrote him off before the week started thinking that there was no shot for him to win this week. With huge weeks from Stafford and Calvin, he was able to prevail with a much needed win to keep him within striking distance.

Disappointing Team of the Week: Everton Hawkeyes (EVTN)

They continue to be mediocre at best. They had nice performances from their QB’s and WR’s were decent. But playing a RB in your flex and getting a total of 16.7 between those 3 players is not going to help you win games. He wasn’t going to win because Simbas roar was too strong, but he had a chance to climb a bit in total points/average score with weak match ups this week.

Player of the Week: Matthew Stafford (KKK)

This shouldn’t be much of a shock since he has stuggeled much of the year and then comes out and puts up over 30 points and leads his NFL team to their first win of the year, and helps his real team (KKK) get their 3rd win of the year. If overtime didn’t happen in that game, the Klan would be sitting at 2-4 right now.

Disappointing Player of the Week: Eddie Lacy (RDBT)

He put up 4 points in a game where the Turkeys got lynched by the Klan by a difference of 7 points. Lacy is having one hell of a disappointing season thus far. We’ll see if this bye week will help him get healthy and maybe he’ll do something.


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