Turkeys v The Klan Week 6 Preview

Based on the weeks leading up to this, it looks to be a blowout. But once manger Matt (Does anybody know his last name?) sets his lineup, the ESPN projection looks like it will be between a 15&20 point line. With the injury to Charles, this could be ugly. Let’s take a look.

QB – Dalt-daddy and Brees looks like they are better QB’s and have better matchups than Stafford and Alex Smith, though this could be a week that Stafford puts up some good numbers. Edge – Turkey boys

RB – The combination of Lacy and Forte looks great this week – a lot better than the combination of Ronnie Hillman and Hyde. Edge – Turkeys

WR – I’m looking for Calvin to have a decent week this week and same with Hurns. With that being said, Cobbler, Sanders, and Keenan are a much better trio. Edge – Turkeys

TE – We’ll see if Bennett decides to play this week. It took him a while to get going last week where he ended with 7.2 points. And even if he doesn’t play, he might beat the Klan’s TE position with Witten on a bye and Jordan Reed out with his brain turned into mush. Edge – Turkeys

DEF/K – BRANDON MCMANUS – Edge – Kooper’s Klux Klan

Overall, I look for this one to be a blowout. I’ve been surprised before, though. Turkeys win 164.7 – 103.2Turkey


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