Do the Sanky Leg, Jake From State Farm

State Farm @ Legs

The Battle of the Only Two Not To Come To Our House Bowl. I would automatically give the win the the first one of them to come over and watch football this Sunday with us. Both sitting at 2-3, they would both benefit nicely from a win. If Brett can make sure to set his lineup on Sunday, it’ll give him a better shot at winning. Based off of Facebook, I am guessing he was too hungover to move Sunday morning after a wedding to see if Lynch and Jeffery were going to play. This week is a new week.

QB – Peyton and Cam get the edge for me. Teddy is frustrating to have on your team some weeks. The way they run their offense isn’t set up for a fantasy system unless they get behind early. Rivers will have a few picks this week and will solidify a slight Edge for the Legs.

RB – Who will Brett use as his back with Lynch out again? WIll it be part of his team, or will it be Jennings? State Farm hasn’t had much production from Matt Jones and Frank Gore has been good this year, but he’s going to be behind in the game and Luck will be throwing. Edge – Legs

WR – Two great receiving groups going up against each other here. This is a toss up. Antonio Brown doesn’t seem to be as big of a threat without Big Ben in there, but Odell and Jeffery are banged up. Robinson and Snead have become great options for their teams and both will have a good week. And then there is Larry. I’m expecting another good week from him against Pitt. Edge – Tie

TE –  Gronk is always the bet here even if it is against Olsen. Edge – State Farm

Flex – What a great hire for State Farm. Gates is going to be a big factor in whether or not State farm can beat the legs this week. Brandon Marshall should have a good week as well, but with Gates being Rivers favorite red zone target, I’m giving him the edge. Edge – State Farm

DEF/K – Neither D is a great option here, but even if I was kicking for New England, that would be a great pick. Edge – State Farm.

This is another great match up. It’s going to come down to if Brett will make the necessary moves within his team to give his team the boost it needs. There are some big score potential threats on both sides, but with Brett’s team so banged up in key spots, I a going with a victory for State Farm – 160.1-148.2



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