Ermahgerd Dehrnerd, Grand Rapids Chodes

Harbaugh v Chodes Week 6 Preview

Where do I even begin with these two goon-squads. To start – I’m no longer calling the first team by their name because it’s the worst to type out every time and it’s a terrible name.

Anyways, this match up could be intersting. I never have a great feel for how the Chodes are going to perform. They usually come up a little bit short (and wide) and Harbaugh is dependent on Julio. If he can put together a good week, I’m not expecting this one to be too close. With Big Ben on the trading block, the Chodes could get more solid and maybe gain some depth (length) in the weeks ahead.

QB – Rodgers and Bortles vs Wilson and Luck is a great battle at QB this week. Russel is going to have to get quite a few rushing yards this week against a good Carolina DEF to gain the edge, but I don’t see those two scoring more than Blakey boy and Rodgers. Edge – Chodes

RB – Foster and Woodhead should have the edge here against Chris Johnson and Gio Bernard but it’s going to depend on who is getting the touchdowns for Arizona and Cincinnati since they both go by comittee. Those are tough to tell. I am going to give the edge to the Chodes this week going on the idea that they will each have a couple of touchdowns. Edge – Chodes

WR – Julio gives the Fighting Khakis the edge here, but I’m expecting Golden Tate to have a big week this week after a backlash from him calling out the Detroit fans. James Jones will continue to be old and put up good points. Not sure about Jordan Matthews either way yet. And I don’t like Doug Baldwin. Edge – Harbaugh

TE – Eifert v Kelce. I think I like Eifert here. He has more big play potential and Kelce has been underwhelming thus far. Plus, I bet Kyle has a song about Eifert. We’ll wait to see on Sunday if we’re lucky enough for him to leak some of his stuff before the release of his album. Edge – Harbaugh

FLEX – This is a toss up. This is where the lack of depth for the Chodes shows. The Vikings don’t throw the ball very well and they don’t have to since they are centered around AP. Mike Wallace is their number 1 and if they get behind, that is when he can put up some points. Andrew Luck hasn’t liked throwing to Andre Johnson very much when he has been in there, but we’ll see if now that he saw from the sideline what Johnson can do like he did against Houston, this could be a great pick up from Harbaugh. Still, I’m going Edge – Chodes.

DEF/K – With the late switch away from Prater to Santos, I have to go with Edge – Chodes.

I think overall, this is going to be closer than I initially thought as I wrote the top part of this and ran through position by position. I am going to go with Harbaugh winning a close battle 164.0 – 158.8.



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