Hurricane Ditka, Team Novack

Ditka at Novack Week 6 Preview

This is Carston’s nightmare. If he loses again this week, he goes 0-2 vs the Novack boys again to start this year and they’ll never let him hear the end of it!!! (Shout out to our Hamilton readers. Hey guys). ESPN is showing The Flying Ditkas with a few point advantage in the projection, but we’ll see how this plays out.

QB – I think the QB matchup will be what wins/loses this battle for these two. All 4 QB’s have a good shot at having a good week. I’ve been impressed with Bradford the last couple weeks after bouncing back from looking like a wanker. I expect the Lion’s D to tighten up a bit and for them to get their first win of the year by waking up on offense and taking advantage of a banged up Bears offense with 2 OL and 3 WR listed as Questionable. Eli has been quietly having a great year. We’ll see if it’s the good or the bad Joe Flacco this week.  Edge – Team Novack

RB – The Hurricane’s have better match ups this week for running backs and they also have Bell. This one is pretty easy – Edge Hurricane’s

WR – This one is tough. Ditka has a lot of great PPR guys, but it’s going to depend on who shows up. Cooks hasn’t lived up to the hype yet, but he’s starting to get more looks and could be what the hurricanes need to win this battle. If Steve Smith SENIOR is healthy, he can also put up some big numbers. On the flip side, Team No-Name has the expensive Draft Kings guys. AJ Green can do AJ Green things against the Bills (who are pretty good defensively despite their 28th overall against WR’s), Thomas is against Cleveland who haven’t been great against the pass, and Maclin who I would imagine will see more targets since Charles’ leg fell off. Tough to call. Edge – Draw. Even. The Same. Stalemate. Tie. No Difference.

TE – Gare Bear Barn-Daddy! Edge – Team No-Name

FLEX – We don’t know what West is going to give us now that he is going to get a higher volume of snaps. He plays in an offense created around the running back, so you figure he is going to put up some points. I don’t know nearly what I should about Rishard Matthews. He’s been putting up some big points, but the Titans have been pretty good against the pass this year. I am going off of a gut feeling here. Edge – Ditka

DEF/K – Ditka is the worst ever at picking defense so he automatically loses. Probably a smarter play to not play any defense just so he doesn’t lose points as he is -3 points since week 2 at the DEF spot. For the kickers, Team No-Name has a kicker by the same name as a guy we used to hang out with. I wonder what he’s up to. Edge – Team No-Name

This one seems too close to call, but I am going to say that Ditka gets the much needed win in another close high-scoring affair. Ditka 164.4 – 159.4



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