Everton Hawkeyes, Return of Simba

Simba’s @ Hawkeyes Week 6 Preview

Over the course of the last few weeks, the league has failed to take much of a shape. Both divisions are wide open with more than half of the regular season still in front of us. We have a clash of Titans as Offense plays defense this week with the Wild Simba’s taking on the Mighty Hawkeyes in the week 6 game of the week.

QB’s – Simba’s have the clear favorites with Brady and Palmer while the Hawkeyes have the match ups in their favor as Ryan plays a bad Saints D and Hoyer plays Jax. Edge – Simba

RB – He has Freeman. Edge – Simba

WR – If Luck is back, Everton should pick up a lot of points through Hilton and Moncrief. And Edlebaby is the rawest (real) boy. Edge – Everton

TE – Usually Graham would be the obvious choice, but his roll with Seattle is a lot different than it was when he was with New Orleans. He is going up against a good Carolina defense who doesn’t have their best player, while Larry legend is playing against a Philly Def who gives us a lot of catches to TE’s. Edge – Everton

DEF/K – He has Lions DEF v the Bears. Everton has the Bengals Defense v Buffalo who barely had over 100 yards through the air. They are playing without Tyrod Taylor this week, so I am giving the edge to the Bengals. And they have Hauschka so they win there. Edge – Everton

Overall – Though this looks like the Hawkeyes have a favorable matchup at almost every position, Simba’s roar is going to be enough the scare away the Hawkeyes and come out with a win. Everton’s defense will continue to shine, but they won’t be able to put up enough points. Simba wins 137.5 – 133.69

Below is what ESPN has to say.

Simba @ Hawkeyes



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