Matchup of the week: Week 3

There are a ton of intriguing matchups going into week 3. The biggest shit talkers in the group are going against each other with the Return of the Dumb Bald Turkeys and Ermagherd Denard. Former roommates are battling in the Reardon-Visbara bowl, and KKK and Jake from State farm have opportunities to step on the throats of their 0-2 opponents Team Novack and Hurricane Ditka. But the most intriguing matchup of the week has to be this one:


The Dokks are having the first brother’s matchup of the year and aside from that, the matchup should be a good one as well. The Everton Hawkeyes are 2-0 with wins over Brett and Carston. If Carlos Hyde doesn’t go off in week 1, Andy is also 2-0, but being a strong 1-1 still has the newcomer in fine position for this league. Let’s take a look at the matchup:

QBs: Andy’s Quarterbacks are legitimate and top 2 in the league. Roethlisburger has been on a tear with 20 and 32 points the past two weeks and the rich gets richer with his running back weapon in Le’Veon Bell coming back off of suspension. He also has Aaron Rodgers, who is Aaron Rodgers. ’nuff said. Ben’s QB play is not bad in their own right. He has the exciting Tyrod Taylor who can put up points with his feet and has a more accurate arm than people give him credit for. And Matty Ice is just a bro who loves crushing Natty Daddy’s and slaying on the reg. But with a non-favorable matchup with a Dallas team who will try to control Time of Possession, the Advantage goes to A-Dokk.

RBs: The Hawkeyes have Adrian Peterson, Andy does not have Adrian Peterson and is starting a backup running back in Giovanni Bernard. Advantage B-Dokk. 

WRs: Neither receiving core is a very exciting group. Andy brings Mike Wallace, Vincent Jackson, and James Jones. Ben has T.Y. Hilton, Julian Edelman, and Michael Crabtree. In terms of mediocrity, these groups are the epitome of it. With Wallace, Jackson, Hilton, Jones and Crabtree all being no better than a top receiver by committee on their respective teams, the difference here is Edelman. Tom Brady and the Patriots are on a complete Gronk you tour, and will continue to destroy teams, including the Jaguars this week. Expect Edleman to reap the benefits once again and have a big week. Advantage B-Dokk.

TE: Heeeeeeeeeath. I still love that. Ben’s TD is a target machine around the redzone and is certainly going to have a chance to make an impact, but Travis Kelce has shown that he is a beast and seeing as how the Packers have allowed the 10th most yards to TD’s so far, he should have opportunities for a successful game tomorrow night. Advantage A-Dokk.

Flex: Risky plays on both sides for the brotherly matchup. The Chodes are using Doug Baldwin, who had a great week last week including a touchdown against the Packers. He has had an inconsistent career so far for the predominately run heavy Seahawk offense. Baldwin should have opportunities for a big week though, as he is playing against the woeful Bears defense. Ben is using Dion Lewis who has shown promise in his first two games, but is a patriots running back, and we all know how the Patriots use their running backs. I like Baldwin as the safer play here and give the advantage to A-Dokk.

Overall, I think the brotherly matchup comes down to Monday night where a pair of James Jones touchdowns and a good showing from Travis Kelce gives the older brother an upset here.150.0 – 136.4 Chodes win.


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