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Week 2 Wrap Up

Week 2 seemed to leave a few owners scratching their heads, while others are pleasantly surprised with the play from their team. We saw the high scorer from last week look like an idiot with stupid low numbers and injuries, and the lowest performer from last week come out as the highest scorer. Wowza. The parody of this league boy let me tell ya….
Here are the standings and power rankings after 2 weeks of play:
 Week 2 Standings
Week 2 Power Rankings
Now let’s take a look at the weekly awards:
Team of the Week: Do The Sanky Leg (REAR)
Brett wins the weekly honors of TotW due to a nice bounce back from his lads. With a 70.1 pt swing from week 1 to week 2, he shows that he really does have a solid team. Larry Fitz somehow actually played well for a week and could maybe be a solid player this season. He also had nice showings from Cam, OBJ, and Brandon Marshall. Nice week, Sanky Legs.
Biggest Disappointment of the Week: Return of the Dumb Bald Turkeys (RDBT)
His golden boy gets outscored by 10, his top QB and 1st round pick get hurt, his top scorer from week 1 puts up 1.6 points, and his match-up defense lost him 3 points. A lot of question marks going into week 3.
Game of the Week: Everton Hawkeyes 154.9 Def. Hurricane Ditka 138.4
There weren’t many close games that came down to the wire. This was the only game where there was really a chance of being overtaken at the end of the week. The Flying Ditkas needed Ivory to outscore Hilton or Moncrief by 16.1 points to win. The Wild Hawkeyes played the wrong Colt’s receiver which gave him a chance, but Ivory couldn’t break anything out to give them a chance.
Simba’s v Denerds was an honorable mention as GOTW. (Hey, Julio)
Player of the Week: Larry Fitzgerald (REAR)
I never thought I would be posting him as player of the week. Good for him.
Worst Player of the Week: Andrew Luck (DROB)
Nobody would have let Kyle hear the end of it if Luck scored -3 points and The Simba’s won (especially the kids we played in flag!!!)
Injuries: Romo (CHI), Lacy (RDBT), Brees (RDBT), Stafford (KKK), Miller (NOVA)

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