Jake From State Farm, Return of the Dumb Bald Turkeys

Matchup Preview: Return of Dumb Bald Turkeys (RDBT) vs. Jake From State Farm (JL) – Week 2 – (Kinda)

Drunk Kanz Jake and Kamp

I don’t have time to do a full match preview on these two. And Frankly, they don’t deserve it as they both Suck. Here is a very shortened version

QBs: Brees should have a huge game against the Bucs today, and Kanz’s love is all Kaep needs to have a great game. Advantage Turkeys.

RBs: Eddie Lacey will struggle against the Seahawks, but him and Forte are still a better combo than Jeremy Hill and Frank Gore. Advantage Turkeys.

WRs: Antonio Brown, Allen Robinson, and Davonte Adams are an underrated crew as a whole, they can be really good. And although Emmanuel Sanders gave Kanz a good start, it won’t be enough to overcome Jake’s Receivers. Advantage State Farm.

TE:  Gronk. That is all. Advatage State Farm.

Flex: Terrence Williams takes over as the #1 receiver for Dez Bryant in Dallas, while Kanz is breaking out Kendall Wright who gets to deal with Joe Haden duty all day against the Browns. Advantage State Farm.

I’m predicting this as the upset of the week in the highest scoring matchup. Jake from State Farm edges out the Dumb Bald Turkeys, 168.8- 160.2.


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