Ermahgerd Dehrnerd, Return of Simba

Matcup Preview: Ermahgerd Dehrnerd (DROB) vs. Return of Simba (Viz) – Week 2

357_34563060996_494_n     Mike weird smile

This is the battle of the cousins in Week 2. Kyle is looking to continue his hot start after a dominating performance over Jake from State Farm in week 1, while Mike is still looking for revenge from when his older cousin picked off his pass in that infamous high school football game and prove once and for all, that he is the better of the Visbara clan cousins (Jay excluded for obvious reasons). Kyle is projected to win this one 142.5 to 140.0, but projections hardly show the entire picture. Let’s Start with Quarterback play:

QBs: You would think Kyle has the advantage here given that he used his 1st and 3rd round picks on Luck and Wilson in the draft, but after week one, the statistics show differently. The two pro-bowlers combined to score 32.8 points for the flying Dehrnerd’s, while mikes combination of Carson Palmer and Ryan Tannehill combined to put up 39.4 points here, all while having Tom Brady sit on the bench (A decision that could have been classified as bonehead play of the week if he didn’t win). Kyle’s quarterbacks did have tough matchups however and should bounce back nicely this week with slightly more favorable matchups. 

This could be considered a toss up, but because Brady has to deal with the Buffalo defense that Luck struggled with last week, the advantage still goes to Ermahgerd Dehrnerd.

RBs: Not even close, Simba has the advantage in this. Demarco Murray plays for Philly, and Mark Ingram can catch a billion passes in the New Orleans offense. Kyle on the other hand is starting a running back who couldn’t even make the couches roster (Deangelo Williams) and a hobbit from the LOTR (Sproles).

WRs: Have you heard that Kyle likes Julio Jones? I thought he was going to blow his load on Monday when Jones scored his first Touchdown, and I wouldn’t even blame him, dude is amazing. Combine that with Jordan Matthews who seems to be Sam Bradford’s favorite target, and you have a great receiving core. Mike’s group is hurting because of the injury to Dez Bryant, but solid nonetheless with PPR machine Jarvis Landry and big hitter possibility guy John Brown, but these two position groups are in different atmospheres. Advantage Kyle.

TE: Kyle will try and tell you that Tyler Eifert is the greatest thing since Jabrill Peppers, but his performance last week (32.4 pts) could be pretty flukey. Mike has Jimmy Graham who despite going against the Rams defense, was still able to put up a respectable 17.1 points. His performance should improve this week as he plays a Green Bay defense that can be considered shotty at times. Advantage: Return of Simba.

Flex Options: Mike has his choice between Sammy Watkins who couldn’t even muster up 0.1 points in the decimal system that everyone loves. Or Joique Bell, who Kyle seems to think is replaced by the next coming of Barry Sanders (If you haven’t noticed, he is a big fan of hyperbole) in Ameer Abdullah.

Kyle on the otherhand has possibly even worse choices:

  • Eddie Royal – 1.8 Pts last week
  • LeGarrette Blount – suspended last week and might have lost his spot to Dion Lewis
  • Duke Johnson – 2.2 pts and sits behind Isiah Crowell fer god’s sake
  • Brian Quick – Was a healthy scratch, meaning he could play, just wasn’t good enough to.

There isn’t a good choice with either team, It’s a wash.

Overall, I think the projections are close here and it should be a pretty even match. I’ll give an ever so slight edge to Kyle because I think Julio and Matthews will have a couple more massive games, a tough matchup for Brady allows Kyle to overcome an abysmal running back core and eek out a win.

Score 149.7 – 145.1

Mike and Kyle

Hopefully the battle this week doesn’t ruin the chance of any more precious moments between these two like this.


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