Grand Rapids Chodes, Team Novack

Matchup Preview: Team Novack (NOVA) vs. Grand Rapids Chodes (8=D~) – Week 2

Andy..Cool...  Jay has no pictures

The brothers of OG league members battle this week, both teams are 0-1 but in far different fashions. A-Dokk lost a heartbreaker to B’s in the last game. While Jay just got his ass handed to him by the Dumb Bald Turkeys. Both teams are looking to rebound in week 2.

QBs: The Chodes are the safer bet in week 2, but they do have some tough matchups. Aaron Rodgers may be the best QB, talent wise, that the NFL has ever seen, so I’m not too concerned about his matchup with the Seahawks, and Roethlisburger should be fine against a 49ers defense that is bound to fall off at some point after all of their losses in the off-season. Jay has a riskier approach with his QB’s. Mariotta started his career off in excellent fashion (25 points), and Sam Bradford had a much better second half than first half in his career resurgence’s first game. Who knows if this is sustainable but he is risking it. Advantage Chodes.

RBs: Cj Anderson is the key in this category, He is currently listed as questionable, and if he is ruled out for this week, Andy could be in trouble at the running back slot. He has LeSean McCoy, but his other running back would be either Giovani Bernard, or Shane Vereen.. yikes. Jay’s running backs aren’t flashy, but are solid. Lamar Miller should run all over Jacksonville, well because they are the Jags. He had a pretty poor week 1 (8.5 points), but should rebound nicely. Alfred Morris is Jay’s second running back, and he is matched up with the stout rams defense, but he could be running against the ’85 bears and would still be a better option than the Non-Anderson options Andy has. Advantage team Novack

WRs: Team Novack has a much stronger receiving core with DT, AJ green and Jeremy Maclin. All of them were pretty mediocre in week 1 with Thomas’s 13 points being the highest amongst them. This shouldn’t last as all of them could explode for some big points at any point. The chodes on the other hand are desperate for a shoot out in that Vikings-Lions game as he has both Mike Wallace and Golden Tate. Add in Vincent Jackson and he has what I like to call “The group that seems better than they are”. All could have big games, but it seems unlikely. Advantage Novack.

TE: Andy has Travis Kelce, who had a huge game last week with 29.6 points, yet somehow ended up 3rd best amongst Tight Ends. He plays in the Thursday night game and should put together another solid performance even if he is playing against the Broncos. You know that Alex Smith hates all receivers, that leaves Kelce with plenty of opportunity. Jay is keeping with his risky lineup with Ladarius Green, who the analysts have been promoting for years, He did have 18.4 points last week including a TD, but he was playing the lions who probably could have let Nick Sheridan throw for 300 yards. Take it for what it’s worth. Advantage Chodes.

Flex Options: Andy has some interesting options in the flex, all of which could do well for him because of their big play ability, or dud completely. His choices are Roddy White, James Jones who is the recent waiver pickup, or Torrey smith who is only worth having on the team for the chance of a 60 yard Touchdown catch. I’m not a huge fan of any of them but maybe he could trade Roddy to B’s, I heard he would trade the house to get the savy veteran on his team.

Jay has a choice between what looks like two guys, Joseph Randle who should have a pretty good game against the Eagles defense who gave up over a 100 yards rushing to the Falcons RB tandem last week, or Latavius Murray who is going up against Baltimore.. wait… nevermind. Randle is the clear choice. Advantage Jay.

Should be a close game, but just because Jay refuses to have a real team name and Andy’s picture is this…Andy's Logo I’m going with the Chodes in a tight match. 139.4 – 138.6


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